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XCCR Main body

consist of the robust Canister made of a marine grade hard anodized aluminum with 
teflon coating or optionally made of Delrin.

The Canister has a mounted bottom, 
which is designed simultaneously as a 
spacer with a water trap. The bottom is 
replaceable if damaged. 

Canister is equipped with the industry 
unique Quick Bayonet Lock for easy, 
fast and safe mounting the X-head. 

Canister is also equipped with the Backplate Adapter with compact multi-
outlet gas manifolds and two Quick Release Fasteners for easy attaching and 
replacing the oxygen and diluent cylinders.

The Quick Release Fasteners provide very easy and secure attaching of the 
cylinders to the canister.

The Backplate Adapter is made of stainless steel and 
carries the two M8 bolts for attaching the Stand, BCD and Backplate with harnesses.

The M8 bolts can be replaced for longer ones in case of 
use a thicker backplate or additional accessories.

The Oxygen Manifold

has 5 outlets and is equipped with an overpressure valve in case of 
failure on the intermediate pressure of the 1st stage regulator. 
The Oxygen manifold allows as well connecting an optional 
off-board oxygen source via an additional LP hose with high 
fow QC6 quick disconnect connector

The Diluent Manifold has 8 outlets and 
supplies LP hoses leading to the ADV, DIL Manual 
Adding Valve, BOV’s 2nd stage regulator and 
the BCD wing and allows as well connecting of 
optional off-board gases via an additional LP 
hose with high fow QC6 quick disconnect 

The Full size Scrubber

Each XCCR unit is standardly equipped with a full size radial scrubber placed in the Canister.

The full size Radial Scrubber (H=267mm) 
has capacity 3.2 kg / 7.1 lb of soda lime with minimal operating 
time up to 6 hours even in extreme conditions like cold water 
(4°C) and depths over 100m.

The XCCR scrubber consist of the finely perforated concentrical tubes 
made of stainless steel with the robust bottom and top lid made of 
Delrin. The white top ring reinforces and protects the outer perforated 

The Top lid is equipped with and an 
easy to use bayonet lock and has a 
self-packing feature – the spring 
loaded plate ensuring sustained 
compression of the soda lime to 
protect against gas channeling 
(bypassing the soda lime).

The top lid has integrated radial 
handle for easy and safe removal of 
the scrubber from the Canister

The Medium size Radial Scrubber (H=212mm) 
is an optional scrubber with capacity 2,5 kg / 5,5 lb of soda lime 
with minimal operating time up to 4,5 hours even in extreme 

The Medium size Scrubber is intended for use with the optional 
HOBO Canister

Gas Cylinders

The XCCR is standardly equipped with 
3L / 232bar steel cylinders of black color with 
a protection foil in carbon fiber design.

Optionally cylinders from 2L up to 7L 
can be used with an XCCR.

The cylinders are equipped with Quick 
Release Fasteners for easy attaching and 
replacing the oxygen and diluent cylinders.

The Quick Release Fasteners provide very 
easy, fast and secure attaching of the 
cylinders to the canister.

1st stage Regulators

The XCCR is standardly equipped with Apeks 1st stage regulators.

At the Oxygen cylinder there is standardly used Apeks TEK3 Nitrox L M26x2. 
At the Diluent cylinder there is standardly used Apeks TEK3 R G5/8″

At the XCCR BLACK edition there are used Apeks TUNGSTEN L M26x2 and Apeks TUNGSTEN R 

The both Oxygen and Diluent 1st stage regulators have to be setup in the original LP 
pressure setting 9,5bar +/- 0,5bar.

The high pressures in the cylinders are fed from the 1st stage regulators via Mifex HP hoses 
to the HP-sensors located in the X-head and HP readings are shown on the Primary Controller 


is made of stainless steel 3mm with durable harnesses.

The back plate harnesses are fixed or optionally adjustable. The harnesses are equipped with 
D-rings on the both shoulder straps, the belt and on the crotch strap.

The Backplate is connected to the XCCR canister via backplate adapter with two M8 bolts and 
secured by large custom shaped M8 nuts.

Optionally the 6mm backplate can be used.

Wing BCD

The XCCR uses a wing-type 
buoyancy control device – BCD 
with nominal buoyancy 200 N.

The BCD are made of a double 
layer, the outer shell and the 
inner bladder.

The outer shell is made of 
Cordura fabric, provides 
attachment to the XCCR unit and 
protects the inner bladder.

The inner bladder is made of 
Cordura 560 fabric with PU 
coating and is accessible 
through a zipper on the inner side 
of the outer shell. 

The BCD is equipped with a 
standard manual inflating valve fed with gas via LP hose connected to the diluent 

The wing is fastened between the back plate and the backplate adapter by M8 screws.

With the XCCR it is also allowed the use another BCD Wing, which has a valid CE approval, 
meets the requirements of EN 14143, has a minimum volume of 20 liters and the inflating 
hose is located to the left.

XCCR Stand

is a popular and very useful accessories to the XCCR.

The Stand facilitates the handling and carrying of the XCCR unit, 
provides stability when the unit stands alone and facilitates the 
donning of the unit on the diver.

Underwater the stand reduces the load on the diver’s back and 
allows easy attaching of bail-out stages and other equipment.

The Stand is made of stainless steel or optionally Titanium and is 
equipped with a folding handle in an ergonomic shape.


The standard hight of the Stand platform is 80mm. 
The hight of 120m or 140mm are optionally available.