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XCCR units are developed, designed and produced by iQsub Technologies s.r.o. 
in the Czech Republic.

iQsub has a lot of previous experience with CCR development and production. We developed 
and were producing Hammerhead CCR units for Juergensen Marine Inc. since 2007 and in 2010 
we brought the upgraded version, Hammerhed CCR Extreme.

iQsub also introduced a new compact BOV Shrimp with unique ball valve and click-lock Bayonet 
connectors, which is sold on the world market by Golem Gear Inc. since 2010.

Development and design of XCCR began in 2014, where the development team used 
just the best, what was well proven in the Hammerhead project 
while moved the project to a higher level, especially by integrating SHEARWATER electronics, 
the most advanced and most user friendly CCR electronics worldwide.

All specific XCCR Parts are created in a 3D CAD software and precisely manufactured in-house on 
CNC machines using durable materials such as Delrin, stainless steel AISI 316, Titanium, hard 
anodised AlMgSi alloy, chrome plated brass or naval brass.